Dell Monitor Not Turning On (11 Easy Fixes!)

Dell makes high quality computer monitors, but occasionally they can have some frustrating issues. One of the more common problems users report seeing is their Dell monitor not turning on. Here’s how to fix it. Dell Monitor Not Turning On If you discover your Dell monitor not turning on, first confirm the monitor is actually … Read more

Acer Monitor No Signal (ALL 7 Fixes!)

Acer monitor no signal

Acer’s home office monitors are fantastic, but like all electronic devices, issues can arise. An issue I’ve encountered from time to time is my monitor displaying the ‘no signal’ error. Acer Monitor No Signal If you encounter the Acer monitor no signal message, turn off and unplug your computer and the monitor. After 60 seconds, … Read more

Best Camera Position For Video Conferencing

Best camera positioning

I am sitting here in my home office after my third video conference meeting of the day and started wondering – what is the best camera position for video conferencing with my newly purchased webcam? The best camera position for video conferencing is eye level with the camera centered on your monitor. Positioning your camera … Read more