LG Monitor OSD Locked (Try This Fix FIRST!)

LG monitor OSD locked

Adjusting the image parameters on LG monitors is a simple and quick process thanks to their intuitive on screen display (OSD) control system. Having said that, one extremely common issue that a subset of users encounter is their LG monitor buttons not working due to being locked. Fortunately there is a very simple solution. LG … Read more

LG Monitor Stand Removal (3 Easy Steps!)

LG monitor stand removal

LG has one of the highest rated monitor lineups out there. Having said that, users have fairly consistently voiced complaints about the overall stand setup. More specifically, users have noted that detaching the display stand is far more complicated than it needs to be. Here are the exact steps you need to follow! LG Monitor … Read more

MacBook Volume Low (Try This Fix FIRST!)

MacBook Volume Low

Apple has dominated the competition in terms of audio quality, essentially from the very beginning. While the MacBook in particular is known for its superior built-in speakers, they do come with some commonly reported issues. One such issue that users have reported is their MacBook sound volume suddenly being too low. MacBook Volume Low If … Read more

Orbi Satellite Not Connecting (4 Quick Fixes!)

Orbi satellite not connecting

Netgear’s Orbi Mesh WiFi System has fantastic reviews, however as is the case with all WiFi devices, users report a number of common issues. One such issue users routinely encounter is their Orbi satellite not connecting to the router. Here’s how to fix it. Orbi Satellite Not Connecting Your Orbi satellite not connecting is usually … Read more

Can’t Type In Teams (7 Quick Fixes!)

Can't Type In Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great platform that I use while working from home daily, but it does have a number of recurring issues. One issue commonly reported by users is being unable to type in the Teams chat box. Fortunately, there’s usually a simple fix. Can’t Type In Teams If you can’t type in Teams, … Read more