Discord Installation has failed

Discord Installation Has Failed (2 Easy Fixes!)

With the rise of remote work, communication platforms that enable users to stay connected with colleagues, family members and friends have taken center stage. One application that has helped support our new virtual environment is Discord. As of 2021, Discord has over 150 million monthly users! It’s a great platform, but perhaps the single most reported user issue is encountering the Discord installation has failed error.

Discord Installation Has Failed

To fix the ‘Discord installation has failed’ error, first clear your cache, permanently delete all Discord related files, and restart your computer. Then, attempt to reinstall Discord. Finally, if that doesn’t work, force Discord to install by extracting it onto your computer using 7-Zip.

Discord Installation has failed

Right up there with the Discord messages failed to load error, this installation error is an issue that seems to be encountered by thousands of users on a monthly basis.

Fortunately, following the two methods detailed below in order will solve the problem for the vast majority of users.

Method #1: Delete Old Discord Files And Reinstall Discord

In some cases, the issue is due to a corruption in the install package.

For most users, the easiest fix is to clear the cache, permanently delete all Discord files off of your computer and simply reinstall Discord.

To delete old Discord files and reinstall Discord:

  1. First, head over to the Application tray, right click on the Discord logo, and select Quit Discord to close out any active sessions.
    Discord Installation has failed - Delete all files
  2. Then, press the Control, Alt and Delete keys simultaneously and select the Task Manager from the pop up window. Right click on any task that says “Discord” and select End task.
  3. Next, type “Apps & Features” into the Windows search bar and click on Apps & Features in the pop up menu. Scroll through the apps and locate any that say “Discord”. Click on the Discord app and then select Uninstall twice to remove it.
  4. Now, type “%appdata%” into the Windows search bar and click on the %appdata% folder. Right click on and Delete any folders that say “Discord”.
    Discord Installation has failed - delete all files
  5. Finally, to fully remove all traces of Discord from your computer, you also need to right click on the Recycle Bin and select Empty Recycle Bin and then click Yes.
  6. With the failed Discord installation documents now all fully removed from your computer, restart your PC.
  7. All that is left to do now is to reinstall Discord. To do so, head over to the official Discord Download site and select the corresponding download option that matches your device.

For the majority of you, this new install will work and Discord will now be fully functional.

Still having issues?

Don’t worry – advance to method #2.

Method #2: Force Install Discord Via Extraction

For some of you, removing all of the old Discord files from your PC and attempting to reinstall Discord won’t work.

If this is the case, you’ll need to follow an extraction process that will ultimately “force install” Discord.

While this process sound a little scary, I promise you it’s really a pretty simple and easy to follow procedure.

To extract and force install Discord:

  1. First, you need to determine if your PC is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. To do so, click the Start button, select Settings, and then click System. In System, scroll down on the left hand panel and click About. Under the Device specifications section, locate System type. Here you will discover whether your operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit.
  2. Next, use your web browser and navigate to the official 7-Zip website. 7-Zip is free and open source software that enables you to decompress or unzip files. Depending on the Windows version you are running, click the corresponding download link to download 7-Zip onto your PC. In my case, I would use the the “64-bit x64” download link.
  3. Then, open your File Explorer and open the Downloads file. Here you will find the “DiscordSetup” file, the one we just downloaded in method #1! Right click on the DiscordSetup file, click 7-Zip and then select Extract to “DiscordSetup\“.
  4. A folder titled “DiscordSetup” has now appeared on your desktop. Navigate back to your File Explorer, select This PC from the menu on the left pane and under the Devices and drives section, click Local Disk (C:). Now drag and drop the DiscordSetup file from your desktop into your C Drive.
    Discord Installation has failed
  5. Once the DiscordSetup file is in your C Drive, open the folder and right click on the file titled “Discord-0.0.309-fullnupkg“. Select 7-Zip from the pop-up menu and then click Extract to “Discord-0.0.309-full\”. This Discord file name may be slightly different for you depending on the Discord version you have downloaded.
  6. Once the Discord file is completely extracted, open the Discord-0.0.309-full folder, open the lib folder and then the net45 folder. Here you will find your new Discord application file! Right click on the Discord file, select Send to and then click Desktop (create shortcut) so that you can easily access the Discord app in the future.

That’s it – all that is left to do is launch the Discord application!

When you open Discord, it should startup as if it is fully installed. Simply use your username and password to log in.


Discord failing to install after multiple attempts can be extremely annoying. As it turns out, this is a common problem with two proven solutions.

To fix the ‘Discord installation has failed’ error, first clear your cache, permanently delete all Discord related files, and restart your computer. Then, attempt to reinstall Discord. Finally, if that doesn’t work, force Discord to install by extracting it onto your computer using 7-Zip.

If you tried each of these methods and still Discord won’t install, you can submit a Discord “Help & Support” request.

I hope you found these troubleshooting steps helpful!

If this post helped you successfully download and install Discord, or if you solved your issue some other way, be sure to leave me a comment below so that we can include it!

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