Lepow Portable Monitor No Signal (2 Easy Fixes)

Using the Lepow portable monitor as a dual monitor while working from home can be a great upgrade to the home office. While these devices are highly rated, they do come with a few challenges. One of the more common problems users report seeing is the ‘no signal’ error.

The Lepow portable monitor no signal error indicates that your device does not support Type-C video signal transmission. It can also indicate that the current monitor power supply is insufficient. To fix it, switch to the HDMI display cable and use an external power source of 5V/2A (10W) or higher.

Swapping out the display cable and using a sufficient power supply will fix the issue for the majority of users.

Read on for more detailed step-by-step Lepow portable monitor troubleshooting instructions you can take to get your monitor back up and running.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I’m making the assumption that you have already tried all the simple fixes like unplugging and restarting all devices, inspecting all the cables for damage and ensuring all cables are in the correct ports and are secure. Be sure to preform these more basic troubleshooting steps before proceeding.

Switch From The Type-C To Type-C Cable To The Mini-HDMI To HDMI Cable

The Lepow portable monitor comes with a total of 3 different cables:

  1. Type-C to Type-C (also known as USB-C to USB-C) – 2-in-1 power and display cable
  2. Mini-HDMI to HDMI Display cable
  3. Type-C to USB-A Can function as either a power cable OR as as display cable
Lepow Portable Monitor No Signal - Type-C to Type-C cable issue

The Type-C to Type-C cable is great because it acts as BOTH the power cable and the display cable. This allows you to fully operation your Lepow portable monitor with just one cable!

So why is it that most users who report encountering the Lepow portable monitor no signal error are attempting to use the Type-C to Type-C cable?

The problem is, not all laptops and devices with a Type-C port can support audio and video signal transmission.

If you are trying to use the Type-C to Type-C cable while receiving the no signal error, it is likely that the device you are using is one of these incompatible devices.

Go ahead and cross-reference your device with a detailed list of devices that support Type-C video transmission.

You can also check out a whole host of Type-C cable challenges in the video below.

If this is the case for you, the bad news is you can’t use the 2-in-1 Type-C to Type-C cable.

However, the good news is your monitor should run properly by using the Mini-HDMI to HDMI display cable along with the Type-C to USB-A power cable.

Go ahead and try switching out the cables – your monitor should now function properly!

Use An External Power Source Of 5V/2A Or Higher

It is important to note that the Lepow portable monitor does not have a built in battery. For this reason, an external power source is required to turn the monitor on.

The only exception is when you are using the Type-C to Type-C cable, which as previously noted functions as both the power and display cable.

If the power source you are using is less than 5V/2A, you will either see the Lepow portable monitor power saving mode or no signal message.

Volt meter.

In order to ensure the Lepow monitor has enough power to function properly, you need to use use an external power source of 5V/2A (10W) or higher.

As an example, let’s say you wish to use your monitor with a PS4 slim. You decide to try the following setup:

  1. The PS4 slim is plugged into the wall outlet.
  2. The Lepow monitor is using the PS4 slim as it’s power source via the Type-C to USB-A power cable.
  3. Your Lepow monitor is also connected to the PS4 slim using the Mini-HDMI to HDMI display cable.

This setup works for a couple of days, but eventually you encounter the no signal error. But why?

The PS4 slim is not capable of powering USB-C devices. Therefore, the power coming from the PS4 slim through the Type-C to USB-A cable is below the minimum requirement!

Instead, you need to use a suitable external power source and only connect to the PS4 via the display cable as shown in the image below.

How to properly connect the Lepow portable monitor to a PS4 gaming system.

Unfortunately, if you try to run your monitor without enough power supply for long enough, it is possible to permanently damage the device.

Some additional considerations to keep in mind:

  1. If you have your cellphone connected to your Lepow portable monitor and the monitor connected to an external power source, the monitor will charge your phone. For this setup you need to use at least a 16W charger (even higher than the minimum 10W standard).
  2. If you attempt to adjust your brightness level above 80% and your external power supply is not sufficient, the screen will go black. To fix this either lower the brightness level or change the power supply.


Are you encountering a no signal error despite your monitor being brand new? Buying a brand new device and encountering an error like this can be frustrating. As it turns out, this is a fairly common issue with two main fixes:

  1. Replace the Type-C to Type-C cable with the Mini-HDMI to HDMI display cable along with the Type-C to USB-A power cable.
  2. Switch to the HDMI display cable and use an external power source of 5V/2A (10W) or higher.

If you can’t seem to the fix the error, you can take advantage of Lepow’s 7 day return and exchange policy. Lepow also has a one year quality issue warranty that may apply to you.

Additionally, if you are still having issues despite attempting each of these troubleshooting steps, you can contact Lepow’s 24/7 tech support by using your order number. You can also call +1-877-971-0118.

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